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The shower revolution for everyone

Innovation in the shower

The brand new Helix and Reverse showers by Idro-Bric bring a wave of novelty thanks to their design and their particular functions. The innovation of the shower area also comes through the choice of hand showers. The original Helix and Reverse showers bring a wave of uniqueness thanks to their design and their particular functions.

The Helix shower boasts a pleasant massaging jet created through the modern built-in propeller: the result is a powerful and scenographic jet. In addition, the shower also contains a practical, easily replaceable purifying filter. The need to guarantee the water saving has not been forgotten either: on the shower handle there is a stop-jet button which also acts as a flow regulator. The modernity of the Reverse shower lies in the compartment incorporated in the shower, designed to be filled with shower gel or shampoo. The shower has a rain jet and a nebulised jet; the peculiarity of the nebulised jet lies in the possibility of mixing water with the shampoo or shower gel inserted in the dedicated compartment. Both hand showers contain a water saver seal that ensures a flow rate limited to 9 liters per minute.


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