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Plumbing and heating

Plumbing and heating

The sector of plumbing and heating was the starting point of a journey that continues to evolve according to the market demands and latest trends in the sector. Idro-Bric guarantees a very wide range of products: valves, fittings, siphons and drains, aerators, sinks, pipes, WC tanks in order to satisfy at its best the various needs of the sector.

  • Heating

    Radiators, valves and many other accessories needed for heating. In this category there could be found products for heat and air conditioning systems cleaning.

  • Gas

    Everything that is needed for gas systems: pipes, hoses, hose connectors and various accessories.

  • Multilayer pipes

    Multilayer pipes, press fittings and related accessories required for heating and sanitary systems.

  • Copper

    Copper pipes, fittings and related accessories required for heating and sanitary systems

  • Threaded brass

    A wide range of fittings, plugs, extensions and many other accessories made of threaded brass; chrome items also available.

  • Valves

    Ball valves, hose connectors and outdoor taps, accessories for plumbing systems

  • Galvanized steel and cast iron

    Pipes, fittings, barrels and accessories made of galvanized steel and cast iron. In the same section there can also be found sealants such as ptf tapes, green paste or hemp.

  • Polyethylene and polypropylene

    Brass or ppr pipes and fittings for polyethylene, welded polypropylene pipes and fittings and brown pp fittings for sanitary and irrigation systems.

  • Faucet accessories

    A wide range of accessories for taps: aerators, adapters, economizers and flow limiters and many other spare parts and accessories for taps.

  • Siphons and drains

    Siphon for washbasins, sinks, shower trays, drains and many others necessary accessories for drains.

    Sifone per lavabi, lavelli, piatti doccia, canotti, pilette e tanti altri accessori necessari per gli scarichi.

  • Wc

    External WC cisterns, built-in cisterns and branded accessories; valves, sleeves, taps, floats and other accessories for toilet cisterns. Toilet seats and seat accessories such as hinges, bumpers or fixing kits.

  • Water discharges

    A wide range of pipes needed for waste drainage: polypropylene pipes for water drainage, soundproof multilayer polypropylene pipes and accessories

  • Kitchen sinks and platforms

    A wide range of kitchen sinks, washtubs, platforms and various related accessories

  • Water purification

    A section dedicated to anti-limescale items and purification systems: cartridges, filters, dosing kits and much more.

  • Suction and ventilation

    A wide range of products dedicated to aspiration and ventilation: aspirators, grills, hoods, filters and many other related accessories

  • Evacuation pipes

    An entire category dedicated to flue gas evacuation pipes: white/black enamelled pipes, corrugated aluminum pipes, pellet stoves pipes and accessories

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