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Blog Categories


  • Faucets

    The elegance of the details transforms the spaces: Idro-Bric products effectively combine quality, aesthetics , innovation and practicality. Idro-Bric offers a wide range of faucets dedicated for bathroom and kitchen, products that range from various styles including modern, traditional and vintage.

  • Hydrotherapy

    In the hydrotherapy assortment it is possible to find the right product for every need: hand showers, sliding rails, shower columns, shower heads, hoses and many accessories necessary to equip the shower area with style. Made of quality materials, most of the Idro Bric products have also been designed to guarantee a considerable water saving (for example, thanks to technologies such as Idro Air).

  • Ceramics

    In this category it is possible to find many collections of ceramics, toilet seats, furnishing washbasins and much more.

  • Brand partner

    Idro-Bric offers a wide range of prestigious branded items such as Grohe, Ideal Standard, Mamoli, Vitra etc., products characterized by excellent quality and performance and modern and functional styles.

  • Shower enclosures and trays, bathtubs

    Idro-Bric offers a careful selection of shower enclosures, shower trays and bathtubs, functional, quality items, easily adaptable to any bathroom.

  • Boilers and water heaters

    The Idro-Bric range of boilers and water heaters is made up of Ariston branded items: traditional boilers, condensing boilers, gas or electric water heaters and many other accessories.

  • Plumbing and heating

    The sector of plumbing and heating was the starting point of a journey that continues to evolve according to the market demands and latest trends in the sector. Idro-Bric guarantees a very wide range of products: valves, fittings, siphons and drains, aerators, sinks, pipes, WC tanks in order to satisfy at its best the various needs of the sector.

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