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In the hydrotherapy assortment it is possible to find the right product for every need: hand showers, sliding rails, shower columns, shower heads, hoses and many accessories necessary to equip the shower area with style. Made of quality materials, most of the Idro Bric products have also been designed to guarantee a considerable water saving (for example, thanks to technologies such as Idro Air).

  • Hand showers

    A wide proposal of hand showers that includes items with different styles and various technologies designed to offer optimal performance. Among the most relevant technologies are certainly the Idro-Self Clean technology, for automatic limescale cleaning, and the Idro-Air technology, for reduced water consumption.

  • Shower sets

    Idro-Bric shower sets are practical solutions for every shower; the shower sets contain everything you need for the shower area: hand shower, shower holder and hose.

  • Shower systems

    A wide proposal of shower systems that includes products with different styles and various technologies designed to offer optimal performance.

  • Shower heads

    A selection of shower heads suitable for every need: different shapes and sizes to fit easily into any shower. The proposal also includes shower heads with particular characteristics, such as for example the shower head that can be inspected to facilitate the cleaning of limescale.

  • Shower arms

    The shower arms are ideal proposals for renovating or modernizing the shower area; in the wide assortment they are available in different shapes and sizes to offer the right solution for every need.

  • Shower rails

    Idro-bric shower rails are an excellent alternative to shower systems; the assortment includes adjustable sliding rails, of various sizes and with various technologies that offer a functional advantage.

  • Shower hoses

    The shower hoses proposed by Idro-Bric are available in various finishes and lengths and boast some functional characteristics such as anti-twist or double lock.

  • Accessories and spare parts

    In this section it is possible to find modern and functional solutions for the shower area such as, for example, various shelves or accessories for the shower. It is also possible to find various spare parts needed for the shower or taps.

  • Pet showers
  • Toilet showers

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