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  • Lotus
  • Joy

    The series best interprets essentiality thanks to its simple and delicate lines that are expressed in a precise and minimalist style. Joy is the ideal solution that combines convenience, affordability and clean lines suitable for any bathroom that puts functionality in the foreground.

  • Fast

    Essential and simple features for a series with an evergreen style: the Fast series is proposed as an essential faucet suitable for any environment. Fast taps are an intelligent and accessible solution for bathrooms that seek quality and have their roots in essentiality.

  • Eva

    Linear and genuine character for a series with a timeless style. Eva is a series with minimal traits and a light and functional design: thanks to these characteristics, the series is able to adapt to any type of environment, without invading the style of the bathroom.

  • Mia

    The Mia series is defined by a balanced style, which first of all seeks functionality. The taps of the series focus on practicality of use, they are characterized by simplicity and efficiency and can be easily combined with bathrooms with a decisive and minimal style.

  • Punto

    Timeless collection with accurate and delicate details that are perfectly aligned with the sobriety of the Punto taps. The details of the handle reflect the style of this series: traditional but also oriented towards aesthetics and functionality.

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