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Saving water in the foreground

New water-saving products

Idro-Bric continues to renew its range of products by focusing its attention on water-saving items, which are able to significantly reduce water consumption, offer optimal performance and respect the environment. Attention to the issue of sustainability has led to a continuous search for innovative products and designs that meet these needs. All the recently introduced new products are the result of a careful research and bring together features and technologies designed to offer remarkable performance and a considerable water saving. Idro-Bric offers a wide range of showers, sliding rails and shower systems with various functions dedicated to saving water as well as series of bathroom and kitchen taps aimed to satisfy specific water consumption needs. An eloquent example is Domus, the new faucet series, designed with a strong identity and a very important feature: the flow rate limited to 6 liters per minute. The attention to the environment is a simple gesture that is increasingly important nowadays and it also starts with the products that a person uses daily.


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